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Feeding your puppy 4 small portions of food per day is best for your puppy. Up to the third month, then move to three times a day till they are six months then twice a day thereafter.
You should not lift or play with the puppy after it’s fed let them rest for about two hours, explain to your children the danger of losing a puppy due to stomach twist or bloating, children like to play with puppies, give the puppies their own space after feeding they will play moderately on their own and most likely take a nap this is the moment they also grow, let them have enough time to rest always.
Fresh clean water should be available at all times, dehydration is fatal never take chances.
Veterinary care should be taken seriously. You should take the vaccination regime to the letter. Puppies need to be dewormed every two weeks.
Keep puppy bedding clean and dry at all times. Wooden bed is ideal with a padded mat. Cemented floors are not the best but during the hot season your puppy may want to cool off on the cemented floor this is not a problem so long as the floor is not wet or slippery.

Keep an eye on your female puppies to avoid early breeding some puppy bitches have their cycle early as 6 or 7 months she can easily get pregnant when let her loose with the male dogs. This is unacceptable as this young bitch is still a puppy and still growing her bone formation is still underway her reproductive organs are still developing and this would also slow her growth and she would not give you quality puppies.
The same care should go to the male puppy both should be at least 18 months to be ready for breeding.
Before breeding you should have the hip x-ray done, your vet will advise you if the hip score is perfect for breeding
Clean the ear regularly to avoid bacteria breeding in them – avoid using Q-tips that can damage with just a small movement.
Trim the nails regularly using a special dog nail trimmer take care not to go too deep.
Groom your Labrador using a friendly brush. When cleaning your dog’s teeth be gentle. Exercise is vital walk your dog two to three times a day.


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